“There Is Another Way” Track #2 off Lior Ben-Hur’s debut album So I Wander, coming out February 10, 2017.

Born and raised in Jerusalem brings a difficult reality of conflicts. While politicians continue to argue and fight and can’t succeed to find a solution, music can show us the way. This track aims to show that there is a hope for peace in the Middle East and that we can come together regardless to our differences. It is important to see the two sides of the story, therefore Lior Ben-Hur asked that accomplished Palestinian rapper, Saz, to join and bring a message of peace while being true to his people and voicing their reality.

“It’s taking us too long to realize
there is too much to lose if we fight
it’s causing too much false hate, my heart breaks but I believe we can heal
so we sing to say there is another way.”

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